Cat Boarding

At Fifficats your cat's needs are our top priority and they will receive a lot of individual attention. All of our staff are cat lovers and cat owners and know just how to pamper your kitty while Mom and Dad are away. The cats have an own section within the residential house. You will find our cat rooms on the first floor that is exclusively reserved for cats.

The rooms provide the maximum in privacy and protection. Cats enjoy the "protected" feeling they get from being placed in our cat department while being boarded. They are furnished with catwalks, toys and cat furniture for their entertainment. Cats are also provided with plenty of human interaction.

Fifficats usually socializes the cats in a group setting. If you prefer you can also book a single accommodation at additional charge.

Cattery premises
Cattery premises
Sonnenblumen-Feld in der Blüte

Before we check in your pet, we will make a contract that determines all rights and liabilities and contains important information on the boarding of your pet. More...

zwei Hunde auf einem Sofa

Why don’t you give your little friend a culinary delight? You might say that this is impossible, because you are far away while your pet is boarded at Fifficats. We say it’s possible! More