Dog Boarding

Fifficats provides premium doggie daycare and boarding. We provide a familiar and loving atmosphere and a lot of one-to-one activities. Fifficats features a 10.000 square meter property with a lot of room to run and play. We like our guests to get their exercise.


If possible, they spend a lot of time in our large yard for group play and are tucked safely inside their rooms at night. All of our accommodations are designed with comfort and safety in mind. Every room is furnished with a heated dog house that provides a secure feeling and a warm sleeping berth.

The dogs are hosted in an own section within our residential house. Since dogs like to be in good company most of our "suites" are double occupancy rooms with a private outdoor run. They are equipped with two transparent doggy-doors that allow taking a look outside as well as inside the hallway-lobby. For older or less active dogs who need to have a quiet and peaceful environment we also offer single rooms.


Space is limited, especially for summer and holidays, so make your reservation now! Contact

Footprint and terrain

Here you can download a footprint of the dog boarding facility and a map of our terrain:
Dog boarding premises
Dog boarding premises
nice and warm!

All rooms are furnished with a heated doggy house that provides a warm and secure atmosphere during wintertime. More...

Sonnenblumen-Feld in der Blüte

Before we check in your pet, we will make a contract that determines all rights and liabilities and contains important information on the boarding of your pet. More...