Do you miss your pet a lot while you are travelling or working? Why don’t you give your little friend a culinary delight? You might say that this is impossible, because you are far away while your pet is boarded at Fifficats. We say it’s possible!

You can fill in the form below and on the same day your pet will receive an extra treat in addition to the regular food served by Fifficats. The fee for your Online-Snack will be charged with your final invoice on the day your pet is checked out.

Please choose one of the following treats:

Dog Biscuit
Our crunchy and delicious biscuits help to improve the gum’s blood supply and clean the teeth of your dog.
€ 1,50

Rumen Delight (for dogs)
Dried buffalo rumen is a culinary delight for every dog. Your friend won’t spurn it!
€ 2,00

Liverwurst Sandwich (for dogs)
If you would like your dog to indulge in a real delicacy you should choose our Liverwurst Sandwich!
€ 3,00

Chewy Sticks (for cats)
Our Chewy Sticks are very tasty and rich in vitamins. They help to remove dental plaque and protect from tooth decay and periodontitis.
€ 1,50

Cat Milk (for cats)
A bowl of digestible milk that has been adapted to the cat’s special needs. It contains only a little amount of lactose. Your cat will love it!
€ 2,00

Vegetable Cake (for rodents)
Our Vegetable Cake is rich in dietary fiber and suitable for every rodent
€ 1,50

Fretty Sprigs (for rodents)
Pesticide-free wood sprigs for a healthy chewing pleasure
€ 1,50


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