„All inclusive“ – with a narrow margin

Many pet boarding facilities try to allure their customers by making low base prices. Nevertheless on closer inspection you will have to pay extra fees for a lot of services like playtimes, walks or medication.

We have deliberately decided to offer prices that cover all services that are necessary to make your pet happy. At Fifficats we reject a simple "storage" of your pet without playtimes, love and individual attention at a base price.

Our pricing is based on an exceptional care with a limited number of animal guests. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of petting is always included.

Dog boarding per day (one dog) € 24,00
Dog boarding per day (two dogs) € 34,00
Dog boarding per day (three dogs) € 50,00
Doggy daycare 1 dog, full day (>5 hours) € 15,00
Doggy daycare 2 dogs, full day (>5 hours) € 30,00
Doggy daycare 1 dog, half day (< 5 hours) € 10,00
Doggy daycare 2 dogs, half day (< 5 hours) € 16,00
Cat boarding per day (1 cat)* € 10,00
Cat boarding per day (2 cats)* € 16,00
Cat boarding per day (3 cats)* € 21,00
Cat boarding per day (4 cats)* € 25,00
*Upcharge for grooming to be agreed  
Obedience training hour € 30,00

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